Pleated/Honeycomb Blinds

25mm Pleated & Cellular blinds, (sometimes referred to as honeycomb Blinds), are made from a pleated fabric that pulls up to sit flat at the top of a window. They offer unique softness and texture. Pleated Blinds are neat and elegant, with a small stack height and minimal projection, resulting in a ‘clean’ look to any interior with generous outside views.

25mm pleated & cellular blinds come with a substantial list of benefits. Firstly, they’re wonderfully easy to operate, with a simple cord pull system which will allow users to set the desired height of the blinds. If you want them fully closed, simply pull down on the cord to release the lock and slowly lower the blind the full way down. Pleated blinds in these expensive Energy cost days are a particularly worthwhile investment; they offer improved temperature control by reflecting the sun’s rays in the hottest summer months, and they’re a boon in winter as they assist in insulating your windows, ideal for saving energy.

Heat & Light control

25mm Pleated & Cellular Blinds are the ideal solution for heat and light control. With minimal light gaps, Pleated Blinds effectively reduce glare, giving you a comfortable living and working environment.